Vincent Moisdon is a South Florida native. He earned a Bachelor's degree in Fine Art from the University of the Arts (Philadelphia) in 1996 and started tattooing in 1999 at Bulldog Tattoo Parlor on Ft. Lauderdale Beach. He opened Colorfast Studios in 2003 and now operates two South Florida locations.  Vincent is a multi award winning artist who has traveled extensively throughout the world.  He has tattooed from California to New York, as well as England, Italy, and France.  Although he is a very well rounded artist who excels in many different styles of tattooing, he prefers to work on large scaled Japanese themed tattoos.


Jamie Ryscik grew up in Ft. Lauderdale. He started tattooing in 1999 at Bulldog Tattoo on Ft Lauderdale beach. He started working at Colorfast Studios from 2003-2008.  Then he moved to New York where he tattooed in Queens until 2012. Jamie missed South Florida so he moved back and worked in Miami until he returned to Colorfast in 2015. Jamie is a well rounded tattooer who specializes in American Traditional and Traditional Japanese tattooing and is ready to do whatever you’re walking in with.


Erik was born and raised in California. At the young age of 17 he started dabbling in the art of tattooing. While trying to figure out his future, he enlisted in the Army where he was assigned to 82nd airborne division. After his enlistment, he was offered and opportunity to tattoo professionally at a local shop in Fayettville North Carolina. After a few years he decided to move to south Florida, where he has been a staple of the local tattoo community since 2005.


Joseph S. Johnson started tattooing in 2009, on the Treasure Coast of Florida. Drawing inspiration from Tattooers such as Ed Hardy, Mike Malone, and Paul Rogers, Johnson specializes in the fundamental Floridian style. While remaining in aesthetic with modern tattooing, the principles of successfully executed tattoos are at the forefront of Johnson's detailed work. Prideful experience gained from working alongside respected industry pillars has equipped him with the knowledge to address a multitude of tattoo requests. Though Traditional Western designs make up the body of his work, Johnson issues care and creativity to each tattoo he applies and warmly welcomes all who are interested in getting tattooed by him.


Whaddya hear, whaddya say? Matt can normally be found quoting movies while tattooing, but you can also catch him painting or fishing. Professional tall guy with a good sense of humor. Video game nerd and traditional  tattoo lover.  Always down for a challenging tattoo and easy conversation. Here for those who care what they wear!


Ryan Howell was born and raised in West Palm Beach, Florida. He is an enthusiastic artist and shares a passion for the craft. Ryan started tattooing in 2018 under Vincent Moisdon. Able to execute many different styles, Ryan prefers to work on Traditional Japanese and illustrative New School!


Allison Yerkes was born in PA and moved to South Florida at a really young age. She grew up in West Palm Beach and started tattooing in 2017.  She was exposed to art at a really young age by her uncle who is a professional water color painter and was taught how to paint by her grandmother. Wanting to go her own direction with art, she was immediately drawn to tattooing. "It just felt like the right fit for me and I couldn’t see myself doing anything else." She pulls most of her inspiration from nature and being outdoors.  Specializing in neo traditional color tattoos, Ally's favorite subjects to tattoo are animal faces and floral tattoos but she's always up for anything!


Brandon Mizrahi is a born and raised Floridian.  His entrance into the art world began in graphic design. As a person driven to explore new things, he found a passion for the coveted style of classic tattoo art. He began his tattoo career in February 2018 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Tattooing quickly became more than a career, but a fully immersed lifestyle. Brandon has traveled to conventions in many states across the US to work alongside well-versed tattoo artists to broaden his knowledge. His artistic strengths are illustration based; including traditional, neo-traditional, and Japanese. As a young tattooer, he is eager to learn and perfect his craft of tattooing in all styles.